"I will very much miss living at Park Court as it has been my home for a quarter century in two different units." Resident of 194 Summit, 10/28/16

"Thank you so much for being wonderful landlords and caretakers of the building. It has been great living in the building and at that location for six years. I will continue to recommend Live Green Apartments as a place to live in St. Paul.", Resident of 194 Summit, 8/3/16

“Live Green has been such a joy to work with! By far the best apartment management I've ever experienced.  Thanks for taking the time to speak with your supervisor about the pro-rated rent. It is very much appreciated!”  Resident of 194 Summit, 6/20/16

“I really enjoyed living in your building, and hope the next tenant enjoys it as much as I did. Thanks again!”  Resident of 622 Grand, 5/26/16

 “It's been great living here…”  Resident of 300 Dayton, 2/1/16

“Thanks for your timely response yesterday. As always, we appreciate LiveGreen's commitment to keep residents happy.”  Residents of 194 Summit, 12/23/15

“ I LOVE living here.”  Resident of 622 Grand, 12/22/16

“This was my first residence in MN and the past (over) three years have been wonderful! ... I thank you hundreds of times over! I will very much miss living here and will recommend it to anyone who asks!”  Resident of 2124 Como, 12/22/15

“It was a pleasure living at 300 Dayton. Thank you!”  Resident of 300 Dayton, 12/4/15

“I've enjoyed having you all as property managers immensely, I'm going to miss my little apartment :)”  Resident of 194 Summit, 11/30/16

“I really love the building and neighborhood!”  Resident of 300 Dayton, 11/10/15 

“You are simply an amazing management team.”  Resident of 241 Brimhall, 11/3/15

“Loving the apartment so far and looking forward to spending more time there and in the neighborhood!”  Resident of 2124 Como, 10/29/16

“We have loved living in our apartment.”  Resident of 241 Brimhall, 10/27/15

“I've had such an amazing experience living here.”  Resident of 194 Summit, 10/6/15 

“Thank you! I appreciate all you do. I love living in this building.”  Resident of 622 Grand, 9/22/16

“Thanks for all you guys do to make this such a great place to live!”  Resident of 622 Grand, 9/22/15 

“It has been a pleasure living at 300 Dayton Ave.”  Resident of 300 Dayton, 9/17/15 

“I am really enjoying my new home.”  Resident of 300 Dayton, 9/10/15

“We've enjoyed living there and regret that we have to move.”  Residents of 194 Summit, 7/1/15

“I have absolutely loved living here and would highly recommend living at 622 Grand.”  Resident of 622 Grand, 6/29/15

“I've really enjoyed living here and how responsive the management is…. Thank you for everything!"  Resident of 194 Summit, 5/21/15

“You are a great management company and I have no complaints against you and would happily refer you to any of my friends! And it's a bit hard giving up my great apartment location!”  Resident of 194 Summit, 5/20/15

“I just wanted to say thank you for working on the parking lot at 241 Brimhall - it looks awesome!”  Resident of 241 Brimhall, 5/5/15

“We have loved living here the past 4.5 years! You have been a great landlord and we will miss St. Paul!  Thanks for everything!”  Residents of 194 Summit, 4/16/15

“My stay here was fantastic!”  Resident of 300 Dayton, 3/31/15

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time living in my apartment and Live Green Apartments has accounted for all of my needs."  Resident of 622 Grand, 3/27/15

“I am truly enjoying living at 300 Dayton!”  Resident of 300 Dayton, 3/17/15

“We've very much enjoyed being tenants here.”  Resident of 241 Brimhall, 3/13/15

“You guys have been amazing since we got here, we couldn't feel more welcome!”   Resident of 241 Brimhall, 2/5/15

“We are absolutely loving the apartment so far! It's perfect!”  Resident of 194 Summit, 1/31/15  

“I appreciate your proactive communication...Just wanted to say thanks for taking care of us residents!”  Resident of 194 Summit, 1/19/15 

"You guys are amazing!”  Resident of 622 Grand, 1/14/15