Why does it take several minutes to get hot water?


There are several reasons that can cause hot water to take longer to get to your apartment's sink or shower.  If you are the first person to turn on the hot water in the morning in your area of the building, then all of the cold water that was in the pipes overnight has to be pushed out before the hot water will start flowing.  

This is often slowed down by the "aerator" on the end of your faucet which limits the water flow to 2 gallons of water per minute or less.  Because of these factors it may take several minutes or longer for the cold water to get out of the pipe and the hot water to arrive.  If you are taking a shower the hot water will come faster if you run the water through the tub spigot until it is hot and then turn on the shower.  

Conversely, if the person in the apartment above or below you has used hot water recently, it may take less than a minute for the hot water to arrive.