“It’s a sunny beautiful apartment and I’ve been very happy up there.” Resident of 622 Grand, 11/15/18 “This was a great apartment, and I couldn't have been happier with the location for the past 5+ years.” Resident of 2124 Como, 9/26/18 “It's been lovely living on Cathedral Hill for 6 years.” Resident of 194 Summit, 9/13/18 “We have enjoyed our time here.” Residents of 300 Dayton, 9/8/18 “I'm so impressed with how the building has been maintained! It's so nice.” Resident of 300 Dayton, 9/5/18 “We are just moving because I graduated from school. We are sad to leave for sure. “ Resident of 2130 Como, 8/23/18 “[622] Grand Avenue is a lovely place to live and I'll miss it…” Resident of 622 Grand, 7/31/18 “Fantastic response time and customer service as always!...It's been a JOY living at Livegreen, and I'm actually pretty sad to be leaving.” Resident of 194 Summit, 5/17/18 “Thank you so much! It was a pleasure renting from Skally.” Resident of 657 Grand, 5/17/18 “This was my favorite apartment I have lived in. The management was to the point and not bothersome. And you cannot beat this location.” Resident of 194 Summit, 4/3/18 “Live Green is really the best!” Resident of 300 Dayton, 3/14/18 “I have very much enjoyed my time in the apartment and will be sad to go, such great management, location, space, etc” Resident of 194 Summit, 3/13/18 “I will definitely miss being a part of the LiveGreen family.” Resident of 241 Brimhall, 1/9/18 These buildings have a special feel to them that goes beyond just good upkeep.” Resident of 2124 Como, 12/21/17 “...you respond promptly and your follow through and timeliness is amazing! Thank you for the intention you bring to customer service and for the care you show to us as residents.” Resident of 300 Dayton, 12/20/18 “I had a great time living there, such a great apartment.” Resident of 300 Dayton, 12/7/17 “Thanks so much, we have sincerely loved living at 300 Dayton.” Residents of 300 Dayton, 12/1/17 “...I love the apartment and have enjoyed my time here..” Resident of 194 Summit Avenue, 11/29/17 “We have loved living at 657 Grand Ave and we will miss it so much.” Residents of 657 Grand Avenue, 10/23/17 “ I have loved every minute of living in this apartment complex over the past 7 years. Thank you for assisting with things as I've needed, your maintenance staff and business staff have been excellent.” Resident of 194 Summit Avenue, 10/21/17 "...happy to be living at 300 Dayton Ave!” Resident of 300 Dayton Avenue, 10/6/17 “I have truly loved living here and I am sad to go.” Resident of 622 Grand Ave, 10/5/17 “ l would like to pass on that, as I have gotten to know my neighbors, to a person, everyone sings your praises. People talk about how attentive management is to our concerns, prompt at responding, how well the buildings and grounds are kept up. Makes me happy to live here.” Resident of 2124 Como Ave, 9/6/17 “We are sad to move - we really loved our time spent here.” Residents of 2124 Como Ave, 9/1/17 “I have decided to give notice for wonderful home at 300 Dayton, apartment 20. It has been a really hard decision for me as I love the building and the neighborhood.” Resident of 300 Dayton Ave, 8/31/17 “I love my apartment on Como and the building has been wonderful to live in. Moving to your building allowed me to get a dog which has changed my life tremendously for the better. I am sad to leave…” - Resident of 2124 Como, 8/23/17 “I wanted to say thank you so much for the many ways you and all the other Live Green Apartments staff have been kind and helpful during the time that [we] lived at 2130 Como Avenue.. It was much appreciated!” - Residents of 2130 Como, 8/1/17 “It has been such a great apartment and home for me for the past 3-4 years. Thank you for all you do to make this place what it is.” - Resident of 2124 Como, 6/19/17 “I want to thank everyone at Live Green Apartments for helping Leah and me to have a very enjoyable experience here!” - Resident of 2130 Como, 6/14/17 “Thanks, I’ve really enjoyed living here during my two years in the Twin Cities!” Resident of 194 Summit, 5/22/17 “The apartment is beautiful.” Resident of 300 Dayton, 5/4/17 “I want you to know that we LOVE this building and the area, and having LiveGreen as our rental company.” Residents of 657 Grand, 5/4/17 “It has been such a wonderful apartment.” Resident of 194 Summit, 4/28/17 “I loved living here!” Resident of 657 Grand, 4/5/17 “Thank you for providing us with such an amazing renting experience!” Residents of 194 Summit, 3/16/17 “Thanks again for everything. We really enjoyed our time at Live Green Apartments.” Residents of 194 Summit, 3/4/17 “We have enjoyed our time here very much, thank you for the opportunity to live in such an awesome place...If we hadn't bought a house, then we would have remained in this apartment indefinitely, because it really was a great apartment, great location, and everyone at Live Green was easy to work with when issues came up.” - Residents of 194 Summit, 2/19/17 “I've loved living in the building.” - Resident of 2124 Como, 2/15/17 “I quite enjoyed my time living here.” - Resident of 194 Summit Ave, 2/7/17 “I did want to say thank you. Our time at Live Green Apartments has been lovely. We will really miss our cute little apartment.” - Residents of 194 Summit Ave, 1/9/17 “Thanks for all you do to make 300 Dayton a great place to live.” - Resident of 300 Dayton Ave, 1/3/17 I have absolutely loved living there and I hope to continue to rent with live green in the future should I return to the Twin Cities. Thank you so much!” - Resident of 300 Dayton Ave, 12/26/16 “Thank you! We have really liked it here!” - Residents of 241 Brimhall Street, 11/14/16 "I will very much miss living at Park Court as it has been my home for a quarter century in two different units." - Resident of 194 Summit, 10/28/16 "Thank you so much for being wonderful landlords and caretakers of the building. It has been great living in the building and at that location for six years. I will continue to recommend Live Green Apartments as a place to live in St. Paul." , Resident of 194 Summit, 8/3/16 “Live Green has been such a joy to work with! By far the best apartment management I've ever experienced. Thanks for taking the time to speak with your supervisor about the pro-rated rent. It is very much appreciated!” Resident of 194 Summit, 6/20/16