Can I have a pet?


Residents may not keep any animals or pets of any kind in the apartment without the written permission of management staff obtained in advance.

There are additional fees for having pets.  Contact staff for more information.

At our cat only locations, up to two spayed/neutered cats are allowed per apartment. At our dog-friendly buildings, we have 3 pet options:  a) one dog; b) one dog and one cat; c) two cats.

Aggressive, loud and/or extremely high energy dogs are not allowed at our properties.  For more information on dogs click here.

If you have an unauthorized pet or animal in your apartment, you are at risk or forfeiting your security deposit and/or of eviction.  Your guests should not bring their pets into the building. 

Accommodation animals for residents and guests are allowed, however there are additional forms that are required to be filled out for accommodation animals before the animal is brought to the building on behalf of a resident or a guest. Accommodation animals are still required to be quiet, not aggressive, and not extremely energetic.  

If you have an approved animal, please remember:

  • Approved animals must not violate the noise policy.
  • Residents are responsible for any damage to the apartment, building or grounds caused by their animal or their guest's animal.
  • Residents are responsible for proper disposal of animal waste.  Do not let dogs go to the bathroom right outside your building’s entry doors. Please walk your dog away from the building. 
  • Animals in common areas must be kept on a leash at all times.