Cold or Hot Apartment in the Winter


Steam Radiator

An apartment that is too cold can be uncomfortable while if it too hot it wastes energy and can cause other apartments to be too cold. We set our heating systems to approximately 68 degrees. We also put a thermometer in each apartment. Before sending in a maintenance request about a heating issue make note of the current temperature in your apartment.  

If your apartment is too hot, above 72 degrees, during the winter (October through April), do not open your windows or turn your radiators off.  Submit a maintenance request or call the office and our maintenance staff will come and adjust your radiators.

If your apartment is cold, there are several items that you can check, including: 1) make sure all your storm windows are closed and that all of your windows are completely closed and locked, 2) remove any clothing or other items draped on or otherwise blocking the heat from the radiator, 3) place furniture so it does not block radiators in your room, 4) put plastic on your windows.  

Do not use your stove or oven as a heat source.  This is a fire hazard! You can use a space heater but do not leave it on when you are not home as this is also a fire hazard. 

In the spring and fall, on sunny days, it is common for the boiler to not run as much during the day.  If your apartment does not warm up in the evening, follow the instructions below. 

  • If it is around 60-65 degrees submit a maintenance request or call the office.  We will come check your radiators. 
  • If your thermometer is below 60, and your windows have been closed for the last 12 hours, call the emergency number and let our staff know what the temperature is. They will either come and adjust the boiler or may need to adjust the radiators in your apartment.

Changes made to your radiators or the heating system often take 6 to 12 hours for the boiler to fully cycle on and off enough to get your apartment back to a normal temperature.

At 622 Grand only, residents can make adjustments to heat registers with knobs by turning them left or counterclockwise.  If you have any issues adjusting the heat this way, please contact us. 

Does it look like your apartment is missing a radiator? It may be. These buildings were built in the 1920s, after the flu pandemic that killed 40 million people. The radiators initially installed were designed to heat your apartment on the coldest day of the year with the windows open, because people were afraid of the air in their homes. We now know that having windows open in the winter does not prevent the flu, so some radiators have been removed so apartments do not get too hot.