eat local


"Food is a vital component to making a sustainable community.  Supporting the local economy by buying from Minnesota farmers and being healthy through access to nutritious food is a goal of the City of Saint Paul.  With an activist community around food issues, Saint Paul is creating an environment that is supportive and encouraging of increased consumption, production and distribution of healthy, sustainable and locally grown food.

There are a number of benefits to eating locally grown foods:

  • With less transportation necessary from the farm to your kitchen, local foods are fresher and impact the environment less.
  • Local foods promote food safety as less steps between the farm and your kitchen decreases risk of any contamination
  • Buying locally grown food helps to support your local economy
  • Local foods create a better sense of community

The City of Saint Paul supports many initiatives to help achieve this goal, including increasing access to  conducting an agricultural zoning study, and participating in the joint Saint Paul-Ramsey County Food and Nutrition Commission."

Community Gardens

There are several resources for community gardens and gardeners in St Paul: