live smoke free


Part of living green is living healthy.  Our properties are all smoke-free, where residents are not allowed to smoke anywhere inside the building, even in their apartments.  

Almost 50% of Minnesota renters say that secondhand smoke gets into their apartment from somewhere else. Of those experiencing secondhand smoke in their apartment, 37% say it bothers them "a lot" or "so much I'm thinking of moving.”  

In our smoke-free buildings, we require that residents who do choose to smoke distance themselves safely from the building to help our residents avoid exposure to secondhand smoke. Not only do our residents benefit from lower secondhand smoke exposure, but this also reduces the risk of a fire at these properties. Also between 38,000-65,000 deaths each year in the U.S. are a result of diseases caused by secondhand smoke which makes it a true priority to ensure that residents of our apartments are as healthy as possible.   

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