low VOC paint


We use Sherwin Williams ProGreen 200 paint which is a low-odor, low-VOC formulation. For more information on painting in our apartments go to: Resident Resources -> Painting.

Because low VOC paint contains less chemicals:

  • there are less toxins in the air,
  • it reduces landfill, groundwater and ozone depleting contaminants, and
  • painted areas can be occupied sooner, with less odor complaints.
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids. VOCs include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects. Concentrations of many VOCs are consistently higher indoors (up to ten times higher) than outdoors. VOCs are emitted by a wide array of products numbering in the thousands. Examples include: paints and lacquers, paint strippers, cleaning supplies, pesticides, building materials and furnishings, office equipment such as copiers and printers, correction fluids and carbonless copy paper, graphics and craft materials including glues and adhesives, permanent markers, and photographic solutions.

More information on VOCs can be found at http://www.epa.gov/iaq/voc.html.