Prior to your Move-In
  • First verify your move-in day and time with management staff.
  • If you will have a large truck you can check with staff to see if there is a parking spot available for you to use on your move-in day.
  • Be sure to bring your first month’s rent payment. Staff cannot give you the keys to the apartment until rent is paid.
  • Also make sure to contact Xcel Energy to set up your gas and electric¬†utilities (800-895-4999), and remember to give staff your information sheet with emergency contacts.
During your Move-In
  • Do not prop doors open while unattended because we want to keep our buildings safe and secure.
  • Fill out the apartment inspection checklist.
After your Move-In
  • Turn in your apartment checklist and relax!
Items to Remember
  • Locate bulletin board at main entry for important notices.
  • Locate your electrical/fuse box.
  • For Phone, Cable and Internet, always meet the installer.
  • Locate your pilot lights on oven and stove.
  • Use a drain catcher in your kitchen sink and tub to prevent clogging your drain.
  • In your tub/shower, be sure to keep shower curtains overlapped to prevent water leaking and damage.