We do not accept packages or check mail on behalf of residents. Management is not responsible for packages or mail left in the entryways and hallways. Some useful tips residents can use to prevent packages from being stolen include:

  • if you are expecting a package, check the mail area every evening to see if it has arrived,
  • arrange specific delivery times/days so that you are available to receive the package,
  • pick it up from the station,
  • have it delivered to an Amazon Locker,
  • have it delivered to an office, friend/family’s house or other secure convenient location, or
  • require a signature upon delivery.


  • make sure not to let unknown people into the building,
  • escort your guests and their friends in and out of the building, and
  • if you see a package outside the building, please place it in the entryway.

UPS, FEDEX and other carrier services do not always have access to our buildings. Please schedule your package deliveries accordingly. You can always include your phone number with your delivery address. The office cannot accept packages on behalf of a resident.

If you are going to be out of town, make sure to put your mail on hold with the post office before you leave. It is free and takes about 30 seconds to have your mail held while you are gone. Just click on this website: https://holdmail.usps.com/holdmail/.

As a side note, USPS and UPS typically have access to the properties, but sometimes if there is a temp worker they may not have access. FedEx and Amazon do not have access.