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If a sink, faucet, tub, or toilet has a minor drip, please send in a maintenance request and our maintenance staff will come to fix it. If needed, put a container below the drip to keep water from damaging the floor.

If there is a steady stream of water leaking from a pipe or sink, ceiling or wall that you cannot stop, please contact the emergency number immediately and describe where the water is coming from.

If you notice water on your bathroom floor, that is often a sign that your shower curtains are not properly installed. Make sure to overlap your shower curtains to prevent water from getting on the floor. The bathroom floors are not waterproof, so water on the floor will often seep into the lower apartment.

To prevent any water damage:

  • We require you to maintain the position of the shower curtains inside your tub to prevent the water from running outside of the tub.
  • There should not be any exposed wall or window surfaces in the shower area.
  • Any unreported damage or signs of neglect may result in loss of security deposit.
  • Cover window frame if your shower has a window.
  • Use a shower curtain liner to make sure water does not leak onto the floor.
  • Use a drain catcher in your tub and your bathroom sink to prevent hair from clogging your drain.
  • If you are missing a shower curtain rod, please contact management staff.