We ask all our residents to be quiet from 10pm to 10am and not to play any loud music or TVs at any time.

  • If residents feel comfortable doing so, we encourage that they let their neighbors know when the noise is too loud.
  • If you do not feel comfortable confronting your neighbor, or your neighbor is continuously loud, contact management staff and we will approach them. If their behavior does not change, they will be asked to move.

Suggestions on keeping noise levels down in your apartment:

  • avoid wearing shoes, especially shoes with heels, if there is an apartment below yours
  • limit use of exercise equipment and active video games to daytime hours
  • lower the bass on your stereo and TV
  • limit use of musical instruments to daytime hours
  • put down an area rug to help absorb sound
  • get earphones for your TV/stereo
According to your lease and Minnesota statute, it is unlawful to act in a loud, boisterous, unruly or thoughtless manner or to disturb the rights of the other residents to peace and quiet. This regulation is in effect at all hours. This policy is strictly enforced. Police may be called under certain circumstances.

It is important to note that because our apartment buildings were built in the 1920s and all the apartments have wood floors, you can often hear people move around in the apartment above you. If this is an issue for you, some solutions include: getting a white noise or air filter device, moving to the an apartment that does not have any apartments above it, or moving to a building with newer construction and carpeted floors.