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If there is a fire in the building and/or the fire alarm sounds, exit the building through the front or back stairwells. In an emergency call 911 first and then notify management staff at 651-263-4080.

Make sure to test your smoke detectors monthly by pressing the test button. There is at least one smoke detector in every apartment, usually located on the ceiling in or near the bedroom. If your smoke detector does not work or the low battery tone sounds, replace the battery. If it still does not work send us a maintenance request.

The majority of reported structure fires occur in residences. Nationally, the most common cause of residential fires is food burning when the stove is left unattended. Don’t leave items on the stove unattended.

Another common cause of residential fires is an unattended open flame, such as a candle. We do not allow the use of candles, incense sticks and other open flames in apartments.