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If the power goes out in your apartment after using an electrical device:

  1. Unplug the device.
  2. If it is in a GFCI outlet, press the “test” button and then press the “reset” button.
  3. If it still does not work, go to the electrical panel for your apartment to locate the circuit breaker that was tripped.
  4. Push the breaker to the off position.
  5. Push the breaker to the on position.
  6. In the future, use the device in a different outlet, or turn something off to prevent the outlet or circuit from tripping again.

If the power goes out in your entire apartment and the building hallway lights are out, or the street lights are out, then the power is probably out in the entire neighborhood.

  1. Call Xcel Energy, 800-895-1999, to report the outage and get information on when they anticipate it will be repaired.

If the power is out in your entire apartment but appears to be working in the building hallway:

  1. Check the breaker box for your apartment and turn all the breakers off, then on.
  2. Check the main breaker for your apartment, usually in the laundry room, and turn it off, then on.
  3. Call Xcel Energy if there is still a problem.