Your security deposit will be mailed to your forwarding address within 20 days after you have moved out and turned in your keys. Please be sure to provide your forwarding address when you drop off your apartment keys.

Your security deposit refund is subject to the provisions listed in your lease and move-out checklist. Damage to your apartment will affect your security deposit refund. However, ordinary wear and tear is expected during the time of your occupancy and does not affect your deposit refund. The following list illustrates the difference between ordinary and extraordinary wear and tear. Management staff will use this list in determining the return of your security deposit.

Examples of Ordinary Wear and Tear
  • Faded, peeling or cracked paint
  • Small chips on plaster
  • Minimal nail holes, pin holes or cracks in wall
  • Door sticking from humidity
  • Minimal floor wear; floors needing a coat of varnish
  • Carpet faded or worn thin from walking
  • Loose grouting and bathroom tiles
  • Worn or scratched enamel in old bathtubs and sinks
Examples of Damage beyond Ordinary Wear and Tear
  • Unclean apartment
  • Gaping and/or multitudes of holes in walls or plaster
  • Drawings, crayon markings, wallpaper or painting which was not approved
  • Seriously damaged or ruined wallpaper walls
  • Chipped, gouged or stained wood floors
  • Holes in door
  • Door ripped off of hinges or missing
  • Broken windows caused by slamming, neglect, or improper A/C installation
  • Missing, ripped or damaged screens
  • Missing fixtures
  • Smoking damage to walls and floors
  • Holes in ceiling from removed fixtures
  • Holes, stains or burns in carpet
  • Missing or cracked bathroom or kitchen tiles
  • Preventable water damage in bathroom or kitchen
  • Water damage to bathroom walls or window due to improper shower curtain use
  • Chipped and broken enamel in bathtubs and sinks
  • Clogged or damaged toilet or sink
  • Missing or bent shower rods
  • Appliances not cleaned (stove, refrigerator, etc.)
  • Broken, stained or missing window treatments (blinds, curtains, etc.)
  • Extra cleaning, painting, or removal of stains or odors, including pet and tobacco stains/odors