Please store your bicycle in your apartment, storage unit, or bicycle rack. Stored bicycles are your responsibility. Management is not responsible for any damage or theft. Make sure to keep your bicycle locked at all times. Do not lock your bike to any permanent structures in the building, such as pipes.

We require all bikes in the building to have a permit sticker. Permits are stickers you obtain from the management office. This is done so we know who the bikes belong to, and to curb the issue of bikes being left behind during move-outs.

Please email us the following information immediately after you move in and you will be given a bike permit:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Number of bike permits needed
  • Color of bike(s)
  • Make & model of bike(s)

If a bike is kept in an unlocked area or common area of the building without a permit, it could be considered abandoned and be removed from the building.